Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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Our award winning extra virgin olive oil is pressed and bottled on Clermont from olives grown in the Franschhoek Valley.

Only carefully selected, healthy olives, handpicked in their prime as they begin to ripen and milled without delay are used to prepare this peppery and delicately fruity oil.

The olives are pressed as soon as they reach the olive shed using a state of the art Italian olive press. The olives are washed and then crushed before being slowly mixed to help release the oil from the paste and then processed through a decanter to separate the oil. A strict process is adhered to that ensures our olive oil is truly extra virgin, with no additives or other processes - only a first cold pressing of the olives that ensures the very finest extra virgin olive oil.

Once pressed the oil is stored under ideal conditions to maintain the freshness of the oil. The oil is filtered and allowed to settle before bottling.